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08.09.2013: International dogshow in Reykjavík, Iceland
CH class: VG,
Critique: 3 years old. Not in her best condicion  + needs more rib + body. Moves well in rear. but too narrow in front. I would prefer stronger bone + feet. Feminen head with good eyes without body + coat this shows in her topline. 

26.02.2012: International dogshow in Reykjavík, Iceland
Junior Class: Excellent, 1. Place, Champion material.
Best bitch of breed:
1. Place
Critique:  Fem + typly exc. format. Still puppy looking, v. Expression + Smiling head, Not in best moment of coat
Excellent mover, Lovley temper

20.11.2011: International dogshow in Reykjavík, Iceland
Junior Class: Excellent, 1. Place.

Best bitch of breed:
1. Place

Best of Breed:
2. Place

Critique:  Bitch of g. type & size. Still developing, corr, fem, head W. g, expv. 
A bit finer, muzzle, corr eyes & eyars neck & med. lenght. G, topl. tailset slightly bacjwards not carried V. activly G. angulation, patern bit loose  w. feet slightly outwards. Feet bit flat, Enaugh balance in movement.

04.06.2011: National show in Reykjavík, Iceland.
Junior Class: Excellent, 1. place.

Critique: 10 months femenine, a lovely femenine face, Nice parstern, correct scissor bite, a bit big ears. Smising neck, correct level topline well angulated, a bit low set tail - carried correct in action. Not in the best coat conditoin -  acceptable for her age. Moves powerfully - free needs to mative a more in front movements. sweet temperament.

27.02.2011 International dogshow in Reykjavík, Iceland
Puppy class 6-9 months: Best Bitch, honor prize,
Best puppy of breed:
1. Place
Critique: 6 1/2 months femenine, nicely made bitch puppy who needs a little more practice and could be handled to better advanlage on the move, Pretty head VG pigment. Ears still a little soft, Correct bite, Enaugh bone, Balanced, Adegnate movement for age.