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RW-13, ISCH Dragonora Eclipse " Dúna "

Day of birth: 08.08.2010
Height at withers: 50cm
weight: 20kg
Eyes: Clear
Sir: CACH, USCH, ESCH, PTCH, NOUCH Vanderbilt's Archangel 
Dam: Vitkind's Valentina Supreme

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BIG-4 Placement
2x BOB
2x BOS
2.Best Female 
11x Excelent
10x 1. place placement

Owner: Norðurdals Kennel
Breeder: Eike Fokkens ( Dragonora kennel in Sweden)

Dúna is living in Norway with our family member. She is the queen of the house and loves spending time with the kids. She is now retired and loves going on a walk and relaxing at home. 


C.I.B, ISCH Bylur á Ís

Norðurdals Frostbite                                                     Cataract

Norðurdals Frost Rose                                                  Clear eyes, HD: A

Norðurdals Glacier                                                       Clear eyes

ISCH Norðurdals Northern Lights                               Clear eyes, HD: A2

Norðurdals Snow Blizzard

Norðurdals White Polarbear

Father: C.I.B/USCH/ISCH Iceway's Lights Camera Action

Norðurdals Dear Mr. President                                     Clear eyes

Norðurdals Get The Party Started

RW-15 Norðurdals I Have Seen The Rain

Norðurdals Just Give Me A Reason

Norðurdals Raise Your Glass

Norðurdals The One That Got Away

Norðurdals The Truth About Love

Father: C.I.B/USCH/ISCH Iceway's Lights Camera Action

Norðurdals Desire

Norðurdals Dream a Little Dream Of Me

Norðurdals From a Whisper to a Scream

Norðurdals Make Me Los Control

Norðurdals Shake Your Groove Thing

Norðurdals Some Kind of Miracle

Norðurdals Sometimes a Fantasy

Norðurdals Stairway to Heaven

Norðurdals The Name of The Game

Norðurdals This Is How We Do It