Samoyeds & Pomeranians


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ISCH, RW-13 

Dragonora Eclipse 

" Dúna

Day of Birth: 08.08.2010

Height at Withers: 50cm

Weight: 20 kg

Eyes: Clear (22.02.2015)


Sir: CACH, USCH, ESCH, PTCH, NOUCH Vanderbilt's Archangel
Dam: Vitkind's Valentina Supreme

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BIG-4 place

2x BOB

2. Best Female


11x Excellent

10x 1.Place

Owner: Norðurdals Kennel

Bredeer:Eike Fokkens 

(Dragonora Kennel) Sweden

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C.I.B, ISCH Bylur á Ís

Norðurdals Frostbite                                                     Cataract

Norðurdals Frost Rose                                                  Clear eyes, HD: A

Norðurdals Glacier                                                       Clear eyes

ISCH Norðurdals Northern Lights                               Clear eyes, HD: A2

Norðurdals Snow Blizzard

Norðurdals White Polarbear

Father: C.I.B/USCH/ISCH Iceway's Lights Camera Action

Norðurdals Dear Mr. President                                     Clear eyes

Norðurdals Get The Party Started

RW-15 Norðurdals I Have Seen The Rain

Norðurdals Just Give Me A Reason

Norðurdals Raise Your Glass

Norðurdals The One That Got Away

Norðurdals The Truth About Love

Father: C.I.B/USCH/ISCH Iceway's Lights Camera Action

Norðurdals Desire

Norðurdals Dream a Little Dream Of Me

Norðurdals From a Whisper to a Scream

Norðurdals Make Me Los Control

Norðurdals Shake Your Groove Thing

Norðurdals Some Kind of Miracle

Norðurdals Sometimes a Fantasy

Norðurdals Stairway to Heaven

Norðurdals The Name of The Game

Norðurdals This Is How We Do It